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Photo: Una Zhu



Code-a-Machine is a curating and management unit of arts and design. As a contemporary art curator, KANAZAWA has engaged numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad, and as a designer and project manager, MASUI has worked in the fields of architecture, design and contemporary art. In 2018, they established Code-a-Machine in Shanghai. By combining the knowledge and skills they have developed over the past 20 years, and installing art in architecture and the environment, they connect people beyond borders and boundaries.

金澤 韻 / KANAZAWA Kodama



She got her master’s degree from the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts and the Royal College of Art in the UK. After working for 12 years in public art museums such as the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, she began working independently in 2013. 2017- 20, she also worked as Senior Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Towada Art Center, Japan. So far, she has curated more than 50 exhibitions in Europe, USA, China and Japan.

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Photo: Una Zhu
Photo: Una Zhu

増井 辰一郎 / MASUI Shinichiro

京都大学工学部建築学科卒業。現代美術家ヤノベケンジ、榎忠らのアシスタントおよびコーディネーター、グラフィックデザイン事務所UMA/design farmでプロジェクトマネージャーをつとめる。また空間デザイナーとして日中で多くの商業空間、展示デザインを手がける。

毕业于京都大学工学部建筑学专业。曾担任当代艺术家矢延宪司、榎忠等人的助理,也曾在搭配、平面设计事务所UMA/design farm从事项目经理工作。此外还多次参与了中日两国的商业空间、展览设计。

He graduated Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. He has worked as an assistant and coordinator of contemporary artists such as YANOBE Kenji and ENOKI Chu, and, had worked as the project manager at UMA/design farm, a graphic design company in Japan. Also, as a space designer, he designed numerous commercial spaces and exhibitions in Japan and China.

「違和感から生まれるイノベーション– 越境、コダマシーンの挑戦 –」(前編)/(後編

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