ACK Special Programs: Rafaël Rozendaal Oct 28~30, 2023
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Photo: Kenryou Gu
Courtesy of ACK, photo by Takuya Matsumi
Courtesy of ACK, photo by Takuya Matsumi

Photo: Kenryou Gu / Courtesy of ACK, photo by Takuya Matsumi

2023年10月28日〜30日に国立京都国際会館で開催されましたArt Collabolation Kyoto のSpecial Programにおいて展示を行いました。

The exhibition was held in the Special Program of Art Collaboration Kyoto at the Kyoto International Conference Center from October 28 to 30, 2023.

ラファエル・ローゼンダール《Looking at Something》

Rafaël Rozendaal’s Looking at Something powered by EDION




Art Collaboration Kyotoでは、私たちが日常の中で時を過ごすような空間に、ローゼンダールのウェブサイト作品とNFT作品が姿を現します。このインスタレーションを通じて、ローゼンダールは、気がつきさえすれば、いつもそこに芸術はあるのだと語りかけています。
(Text by 金澤韻)

Around 2000, Rafaël Rozendaal started posting his clear, graphic moving images online, seemingly inspired by the internet’s realm of infinite space and time. The animations that spring up like fountains, generated in real-time by code, are unlimited in their meaning to a specific region or age group but appear as universal images, bringing unfamiliar surprises and meditative sensations to the viewer.

Rozendaal’s work, which appears on any type of screen from computer screens to tablets to smartphones to monitors, is an apt example of his artistic concept of constantly being present and appearing in various times and places, much “like gas or liquid,” as he describes it himself. This idea is also reflected in his diverse range of activities, including physical lenticular paintings begun in the 2010s and haiku, which is the art of words.

Rozendaal is also a conceptual artist who has been thinking about the ownership of digital works long before they became widely known as NFTs. The works published on his domain are accessible to anyone, even after being sold and their ownership decided. The infinite space and time expressed in the works are spread around the world and delivered right to those who enjoy art.

At Art Collaboration Kyoto, Rozendaal’s website and NFT works will appear in an atmosphere evocative of the ordinary spaces in which we spend our daily lives. Through this installation, Rozendaal is telling us that art is always there, as long as we are aware of it.
(Text by Kanazawa Kodama)

特別協力Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
制作Twelve Inc.

Artist: Rafaël Rozendaal
Curator: Code-a-Machine (Kanazawa Kodama + Masui Shinichiro)
Lead Partner: EDION Corporation
Official Partner: Maruni Wood Industry Inc.
Special Cooperation: Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
Production: Twelve Inc.
Monitor provided by EDION Corporation, Sony Consumer Sales (Japan) Inc.

Rafaël Rozendaal, Photo by Oyamada Kuniya

1980年オランダ生まれ、ニューヨーク在住。ネット・アート・シーンのパイオニアであり、インターネットを仕事の場所として、またキャンバスとして使う。ウェブサイト作品で世界的な注目を集めたのち、”ユニバーサル・ライブラリー”としてのインターネットを創造的に応用し、レンチキュラー・ペインティング、タペストリー、ウェブ・インスタレーションなど、デジタル作品を物理的な世界へと超越させてきた。近年は、NFTという形でも作品を発表している。2018年に十和田市現代美術館(青森)で初の美術館個展「GENEROSITY 寛容さの美学」、2023年にドイツ、エッセンのMuseum Folkwangにて大規模個展「Color, Code, Communication」を開催。その他、ホイットニー美術館(ニューヨーク)、ポンピドゥ・センター(パリ)、ドルトレヒト美術館(ドルトレヒト)、クンストハル美術館(ロッテルダム)、ステデリック・ミュージアム(アムステルダム)、アーマンド・ハマー美術館(ロサンゼルス)といった世界の主要美術館で作品を発表。著書に『Home Alone』(Three Star Books)、『Everything, Always, Everywhere』(Valiz)がある。

Rafaël Rozendaal
Born in the Netherlands in 1980. Lives and Works in New York. A pioneer of the net art scene, Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet as both his studio and his canvas. While he initially gained global prominence from his websites, Rozendaal has creatively utilized the internet—“the universal library”—to transcend these digital works into the physical world, be it his lenticular paintings, tapestries, and web installations. In recent years, he has also presented his work in the form of NFT. In 2018, Rozendaal held his first solo museum exhibition GENEROSITY at Towada Art Center in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. In 2023, his large solo exhibition “Color, Code, Communication” was held at Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany. Other recent major exhibitions include, among others, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (USA), Centre Pompidou, Paris (France), Dordrechts Museum (Netherlands), Kunsthal Rotterdam (Netherlands), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (USA). Publications include Home Alone (Three Star Books) and Everything, Always, Everywhere (Valiz).