TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower Art Collection 04 – YOSHINO Momo

Kami #72, Kami #75, Kami #71, Kami #74, Kami #73

acrylic on panel



At first glance, her painting appears to be three- dimensional. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that the painting is indeed flat.
Yoshino uses the trompe l’oeil technique to create her work, referencing origami as a motif. Origami is a tradition developed in Japan, where a flat sheet of paper is folded to create a three-dimensional form. In Yoshino’s works, the intrigue behind origami, where a flat surface is transformed into a three-dimensional form, is reinforced to the viewer by capturing its concept as a flat painting. The geometric patterns created by the folds also resonate with the design of the Tokiwabashi Tower.

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