TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower Art Collection 07 – NAGASAKA Jo / Schemata Architects

ベンチ / テーブル / スツール for TOKYO TORCH Park
长凳 / 桌子 / 凳子 for TOKYO TORCH Park
Bench/Table/Stool for TOKYO TORCH Park

Accoya, concrete



Schemata Architects has created “Interface,” a series of tools designed to induce human activity. In this project, benches and tables from this Interface are part of the plaza furniture. These pieces can only be moved by administrators using a pallet jack. Since they can be reconfigured into various formations, the furniture can be adopted to suit different situations, such as during events, markets, and lunchtime when kitchen cars line up the space. Rearranging the configuration of this furniture helps encourage movement and activity among the visitors.

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