TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower Art Collection 14 – KUWATA Takuro

Ceramic Bole

porcelain, glaze, steel, pigment, gold



Vibrant colors and eye-popping shapes make Kuwata Takuro’s ceramic works some of the most fearless pieces of art.
What lends his unusual art form its weight and strength is the creative process in which he consistently engages in a dialogue with ceramics both as a material and as a source of inspiration for his rich imagination. However, Kuwata is not confined to the traditional notions of ceramics, such as the creation of beautiful utilitarian objects and the culture of wabi-sabi. While interpreting and reconstructing tradition, he explores modernity and devises ways to create something that no one has ever seen before. In this project, the artist created a large-scale work incorporating a green inspired by the Tokiwa, an evergreen, of Tokiwabashi.

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