In Praise of Soils – Shao Lei

Slow-moving Shadow

2020 | Earthenware, pinching, oxidation fired | 50 x 42 x 45 cm
2022 | Earthenware, pinching, oxidation fired | 42 x 65 x 55 cm
2023 | Earthenware, pinching, oxidation fired | 44 x 40 x 28 cm
2023 | Earthenware, pinching, oxidation fired | 40 x 46 x 24 cm



Looking like a housing complex made of soil or dead leaves, this ceramic work of art is created by artist Shao Lei.
Within the earth, there is clay—fine particles of soil that contain moisture. Clay can be easily shaped by hands. When fired up at high temperatures, the feldspar (glass component) in the clay melts and hardens as it cools. Taking advantage of these properties, clay has been used as a material for bricks and ceramics since ancient times. Shao Lei has explored the philosophical relationship between nature and human beings in his dialogue with the material by touching and molding the clay with his hands. His work reveals the contradictory aspects inherent in clay—softness and hardness, fragility and strength—that are true of all existence, including our own. Also, in contrast to human society, which has repeatedly been built and destroyed over short periods, Shao Lei’s creation conveys the healing power of nature.


1990年生まれ。現在、江西省景徳鎮在住。2013年に景徳鎮陶瓷学院彫刻科を卒業。個展に「Slow-moving Shadow」WS GALLERY(上海、2023年)、「Soft Counterwork」Yudina Art Space(上海、2022年)、「My heart is not a stone, it cannot roll around」Pause Art Space(上海、2021年)などがある。他に、YUAN MUSEM Art Exhibition at the West Coast Art and Design Fair in Shanghai (2020年)、Beijing YUAN MUSEM Collection Exhibition (2020年)、First Spring of Design in Guangzhou (2020年)、HOW Art Museumでの展覧会” Noisy-lyric cube performance” (2018年)などに参加。


生于1990,现生活工作于景德镇。2013年毕业于江西景德镇陶瓷学院雕塑专业。个展包括“流动的缺口”, WS GALLERY (上海, 2023)、 “柔软的对弈”, Yudina Art Space (上海, 2022)、 “My heart is not a stone, it cannot roll around”, Pause Art Space (上海, 2021)。
他参展上海西岸艺术与设计博览会—YUAN MUSEM 艺术展 (2020)、北京YUAN MUSEM馆藏展 (2020)、 广州第一届设计之春展 (2020)、上海昊美术馆行为艺术“喧哗”展 (2018) 等。

Shao Lei

Born in 1990, currently lives and works in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. He graduated from the sculpture program of Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy in 2013. His solo exhibitions include “Slow-moving Shadow”, WS GALLERY (Shanghai, 2023), “Soft Counterwork”, Yudina Art Space (Shanghai, 2022) and “My heart is not a stone, it cannot roll around”, Pause Art Space (Shanghai, 2021). He has participated in YUAN MUSEM Art Exhibition at the West Coast Art and Design Fair in Shanghai (2020), Beijing YUAN MUSEM Collection Exhibition (2020), the First Spring of Design in Guangzhou (2020), and the exhibition “Noisy-lyric cube performance” at HOW Art Museum (2018) and others.