TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower Art Collection 10 – Jacob Hashimoto

The Universal Constraints of Memory and Madness

acrylic, bamboo, resin, wood, UV prints, Spectra


雅各布·桥本将许多看起来像纸质风筝一样的小部件结合起来,创造出一种类似云朵和风景的混合体的空间式作品。一般情况下,他会创作高达数米的大型作品,但这次他在常盘桥大厦的贵宾路线上创作了一件 小型作品。

Jacob Hashimoto creates spatial works that look like mixtures of clouds and sceneries by combining several small units that resemble paper kites. While he usually works on large-scale works that are many meters long, Hashimoto worked on a smaller piece installed along the VIP flow line of the Tokiwabashi Tower for this exhibition.
The translucent material captures the sense of harmony between humans and nature, similar to how a shoji screen door gently separates the interior and exterior areas in Japanese architecture. The white units resemble clouds, steam, or light, and the patterned units call to mind buildings, townscapes, and even people dressed in different designs. This is the first exhibition in Japan for the American artist.

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