TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower Art Collection 11 – OHBA Daisuke


oil based paint, acrylic on linen and panel


大庭大介的绘画,具有某种金属光芒,是采用全息颜料 制作而成的作品。我们在日常生活中看到的色彩、光影,在他的画中销声匿迹,出现了一个由全然不同的自然规律支配的世界。当看到这个没有时间和空间的非日常的场景时,我们那被琐事囚禁的心便得到暂时性重置,充满了新鲜的感觉。

Daisuke Ohba’s metallic paintings are created using holographic pigments. The colors, light, and shadows we see in our daily lives seem to vanish in his paintings, revealing a world governed by a completely different set of nature’s laws. When we look at these extraordinary scenes, where neither time nor space exist, our minds are temporarily freed from trivialities and we are filled with a refreshing sensation.
This is one of the signature works of Ohba, who in recent years has been developing works inspired by mythology and the ancient earth.

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